Top Ten Promises Justin Trudeau has broken

1. Trudeau promised he would set a new standard of “openness” and “transparency” for his government.


The only thing that has been open with Trudeau is the door to the Ethics Commissioners office. Trudeau is the first prime minister to be found guilty of not one, not two, not three, but four ethical violations, and has spent most of 2019 embroiled in one scandal after another. That’s kind of transparent, no? Transparently self-serving.

2. Justin Trudeau promised to balance the federal budget by 2019.


When Trudeau heard the country had an outstanding balance owing, it seemed he took it as a compliment. Who can blame him - he has told us how the budget would balance itself! Reality has hit him hard though, and now Canadians will be paying for Justin Trudeau's spending for decades, with the federal deficit expected to be $19.8 billion this year.

3. In 2015, Justin Trudeau promised Canadians that he would implement electoral reform.


Gary Clement/National Post

But when Conservatives pressured him to take his proposal directly to the people, he “reformed” his promise, dropping it altogether. Even Liberals couldn’t deny that Canadians would plainly see it for what it was - an attempt to make it easier for Liberals to get re-elected. Currently monitoring: the over-under on the amount of Liberals that will call for electoral reform (again) after October.

4. Justin Trudeau promised to improve service delivery and reinstate a lifelong disability pension for veterans


In 2016, just after they were elected, the Liberals sued to block benefits for wounded veterans. No one will forget when Trudeau told a retired corporal, who literally lost a leg in Afghanistan, that veterans were “asking for more than we can give.” Clearly Trudeau just has other plans for that money - like giving convicted terrorist Omar Khadr $10.5 million, and taking modest $200,000 island vacations in the Caribbean. Important things like that.   

5. Justin Trudeau promised “modest” deficits of “only” $10 billion per year.


Justin Trudeau immediately broke that promise by posting a budget deficit of $17.8 billion for the 2016-17 fiscal year – 80% higher than he promised. To be fair, this one is kind of on all of us. How did any of us actually expect Justin Trudeau to be modest about anything? Hindsight, though, you know?

6. The Liberals promised free votes for their MPs.


Liberal MPs are now totally free to vote for whatever they want. No longer required to toe the party line. Have something on your mind, go ahead and say it, no consequences at all. Really. Disagree with Trudeau, all is well. Just ask Jody Wilson-Raybould, Jane Philpott, Celina Caesar-Chevannes, Leona Alleslev...

7. The Liberals promised to end what they called the improper use of omnibus bills.

image (4).png

By “improper use”, Trudeau meant they weren’t being used to benefit Liberal insiders.

In 2018 Liberals passed bill C-74, an omnibus tax bill that was 556 pages long. Buried in the omnibus was a Carbon Tax provision and introduction of Deferred Prosecution Agreements to the Criminal Code. Deferred Prosecution Agreement, Deferred Prosecution Agreement, Deferred Prosecution Agreement (Sorry, we heard if you say it three times in a row, a PMO official shows up to pressure you to let SNC-Lavalin off the hook so they ca... oh hey, Gerry!).

8. The Liberals promised to balance Canada’s economic and environmental interests.


They did this by buying a pipeline and not building it, ensuring that the environment and economy suffer equally.  Balance. Achieved.

The Liberals are attempting to pass their ‘No More Pipelines’ Bill C-69 which will destroy jobs, kill future resource development, cost Canada billions in investment, and make it almost impossible to start new projects.

On top of that, Trudeau’s Carbon Tax is making life more expensive for Canadian families while doing nothing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a tax plan, not a climate plan!

9. During the 2015 election, the Liberals promised an increase of $125-billion in infrastructure spending over 10 years


Infrastructure spending under Trudeau is like a good inside joke: very few people will get it.

In 2017 the Parliamentary Budget Office reported that of the $13.5 billion planned for 2016/2017, only about one-third went to verifiable projects. But we’ve got this Asian Infrastructure Bank thing that Liberals give lots of your money too that helps China build infrastructure there. So money is being spent on infrastructure… just not in Canada.

10. The Liberal government promised to maintain the previous Conservative Government’s National Defence spending levels, including current planned increases.


Ah, the good ol’ days when Trudeau’s military policy was about whipping out CF-18s to show how big they are - yeah, it was weird then too. Or how our military expertise boiled down to how to face a winter in the mountains, and that should be the extent of our involvement in the fight against ISIS. In 2018 Defence Department fell short of their planned spending by $2.3 Billion, and by $2 Billion in 2019. So, I guess we found it - the one place Trudeau underspent.